Just My Opinion by S. Harris

My husband was kind enough to send me this letter to his answer to my article “Is SeaWorld Dying.”

(He was sitting right a crossed my desk with his laptop when he wrote this)

Just my opinion


  To some I may seem to be insensitive on the “popular issue” that’s arousing our society today: saving the (“Killer Whale”). It’s not that I don’t give a damn, it’s just that I have more pressing concerns in this crumbling social and economic society. It seems as though anyone with the right connections and resources can and will attract a certain number of people to see things their way. Influencing people seems to be very easy nowadays, which can be very powerful and liberating if done correctly. I remember seeing the destruction of the berlin wall via the rallying spirit of a people world-wide, Nelson Mandela’s freedom was attained by the world’s consciousness to an outrageous injustice, and numerous liberations across the globe when the cries of inhumanity was heard; however, it took a collective in order to become effective. A collective can be a powerful instrument of liberation and education, just as it can be one of destruction. I guess we have to individually choose what collective to be a part of in our endeavors to bring about “positive” change in the world. We fight tooth and nail, depending on our beliefs. If we fight long and hard enough, we just may be able to gain the attention of a certain populace and create a collective that can move mountains of intolerance, hate, servitude, and injustice; there are no ulterior motives, and the only thing that should be fashionable is the unadulterated truth.

         Ask yourself this: Has Sea World made any significant contributions to the advancement of our society’s knowledge of marine life? Of course this is something you will have to “research yourself.” Maybe you can google social responsibility and Sea World, research its groundbreaking advancements, learn about outreach programs it sponsors and its genuine concern of marine ecology and leading technology/sponsorship in today’s time. Maybe, just maybe you’ll find that some of the organizations that are afforded the opportunity to cry havoc and let the dogs of war loose on them got some of their information from one of the pioneers in this field…Sea World. Wow! It’s like the nail blaming the hammer for doing its job after the home is built and sold. The loss of life is always terrible, but the basic fact is that there are those who die doing what they believe in or love, while some of us never truly live…we reject the truth and accept the trendy. If Sea World is the monster, we are Dr. Frankenstein. We sit idly by and complain about how this country’s gone to the dogs, how the unscrupulous and greedy are fleecing us all, how even in our nation’s capital sex slavery is rampant; however, we have the audacity to jump on the band wagon when it comes to freeing Willie. Yea, I have greater concerns. 


Stanley Harris

One thought on “Just My Opinion by S. Harris

  1. My husband and everyone else, have their right to their own opinions and convictions. I am not the type to go on hunger strikes, chain myself against a tree or be as heroic as the “Whale Warrior” are. I do my part with my pen…..as we all know the saying “…the pen is mightier than the sword.” I have always cheer the “underdog” and in this case, the dolphins, whales and other mammals are just that.
    These comments and opinions are free of bias and are guarantee by our first amendment “Freedom of Speech.”
    Everyone goals and responsibility to the world is awareness, more awareness, but most important and first most the ability for you to take action (positive action) and help this world and society we live in, a better, healthier and prosperous without the hatred, suffering, abuse, injustice of man and animal kind……CRH

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