The Poor American Statement


Poor American is the hush term we all use today to classified ourselves. It doesn’t matter who, what, why, where or when?

Its just status quote, we have all suffer and endure during these hard financial times yet we have triumph.
The land of opportunity is still there, our dreams and expectation are still there, just a bit harder to get.

This blog (The Poor American) is intended to give you change of pace. Here we will be discussing everything from financial,education opportunities, work-at-home opportunities, relationships, cooking, health, gadgets,sharing links to articles and videos(Flipping).
Over all, anything and everything under the sun.

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You have an idea, a topic you want to discuss, drop us a line. At times this blog will be funny, entertaining, mystical, romantic, educational, inspirational, opinionated, and sometimes just simply silly.
We will assure you,it will never be boring or dull.

Cristina Roskoff-Harris


The Poor American Blog