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Bernie Sanders – While Senator Sanders still hasn’t conceded his primary election to be over, he still has time to join the Sit-in Protest Inaction on Gun Control.

We do remember Sanders is running against Hilary Clinton in the same Democratic Party for the Presidential Office. We praise Senator Sanders for his hard work in the Gun Control movement. This has come about after 49 people die and 53 injured in the Pose Night Club Shooting.

Baby BluYulin Dog Festival 2016 – Advocates are hard at work savings life of dogs and cats. This festival runs during the month of June for 10 days. The twitter boards have been going active as news of success in stopping the massacre of animal mutilation , boiled alive, and gutted alive is still going on. Marc Ching, founder of “The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation” has reported  saving 1,000 animals so far. One of the most acclaimed is Baby Blu. A puppy that was still in the mother’s wound developing. The mother was gutted alive and the puppy was thrown to the ground as seen on videos around the internet.  We are happy to report the puppy is currently in an incubator and is doing fine. If you would like to help here is the link

Jaguar-Rio-2Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – As customary to have an official Olympic Torch Rally, Brazil decided to add a jaguar to the festivities. Unfortunately, this backfired. The jaguar named Juma, was killed by a Brazilian Soldier after it made a daring attempt to escape the festivities. The zoo handlers did try to succumb the animals with tranquilizers but these prove to be ineffective and the animal had to be put down.


TrumpDonald Trump –  The Republican Convention schedule for July 18th thru July 21st and Trump still has not announced his running mate. Speculators are saying Trump might be holding off until the convention to make his announcement.

alligator-306548_960_720Orlando, Florida – Florida  Fish And Wildlife Conservation Commission has stated the alligator who attacked the 2-year-old killed while vacationing with his parents at one of Disney World Resorts has been captured and killed.


Providence Publishers & Media INC. (1)Providence Publishers And Media Inc. is getting ready to launch their new “doggie”magazine call “Max And Friends” which promises to be educational and fun for adults and kids. Their September 2016 issue will be on sale August 15th. Here is a link to their website


I hope you enjoyed our new segment. I will be blogging this segment once a week.

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Full-time blogger, Part-time Published Novelist, Vegetarian and Animal Advocate. Founder of Max and Friends-The Magazine, Providence Publishers Blog and her favorite The Poor American Blog.

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