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After Math Of Matthew

“Hi everyone, we made it okay thru the hurricane. We lost power for 1/2 a day and we currently have no internet service from Bright House. Some of our neighbors weren’t so lucky and are expirencing extensive property damage.

Just for now keep everyone in our prayers. The poor American will be back hopefully by the end of the week.”

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Is Cutting The Cable, Still An Option


Is Cutting the cable, still an option?


It depends on what works best for you.


My View:

I am sure, this purchases (merge, buyout) has it advantages and disadvantages, however, as a consumer what do I get out of all this?  Will I get,

  • Better Savings
  • Outstanding Service
  • Better Channel
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Great Package Deals
  • Convinience drop off or pick up locations
  • Faster Internet  Speed
  • No dead zone

Or will I get this,

  • No choices
  • Horrible Customer Service
  • Awful Package Deal
  • Paying more for services
  • No drop off services or pick up location
  • Dead Zone
  • Crawling Internet Speed

Honestly, I feel cheated. I have live in my same residence for over twenty years. I started with Time Warner Cable, when cable service was introduced to this area. My cable bill was $75 dollars back then, and I had dial-up for internet service. With time, and I moved my business to home, I paid $125 a month for my package when Brighouse took over. Great service. Having the luxury of Cable, Phone and Internet service was cutting edge.

Then, the fantasy of being at the cutting edge of technology wore off quickly, when the prices started to climb. Yet,I still had the option to bail out. I still had a voice. There was still a competitive market out there. Now, my bill is ruffly $160 per month, no phone service, no bell and whistle and a decent internet speed.

As a consumer, I have shown my cable company, stability, loyalty, good business ethics, reliable customer. Have I gotten a better deal for all these years of loyalty? No. Do I have to re-introduce myself again to this new company? Probably. Will I still be grandfather in, to a service close to what i have and pay more money? You bet.

Is it time to cut the cord. Yes it is. I stream more than I watch the TV channels. My children stream more as well. Paying for just internet service would be more economical and having a good stream like service (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or even Droid TV) is a better deal.

I guess for now, time will tell. I might still have options, and I might still find a competitive market and a voice, it’s just harder to find.

What is your opinion. Please drop off a line. Tell us what you think?

Cristina Roskoff-Harris


The Poor American