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The Poor American Christmas

There has been a lot of controversy in reference who is Santa Claus and what Santa Claus really represent to us, the adults,  the parents and even the “little ones”, our children.

To me specially, Santa Claus, is just a jolly old man, dressed in red, who lives in the North Pole and on Christmas eve travel all over the world with his reindeer, bringing a little joy and happiness to all the children of the world.

We all know, how hard these past couple of years have been dealing with this recession. We have lost property, jobs, our retirement funds, the believe in our great nation and the hope for a better future. Still, these last months of the year, we believe things will get better and we will succeed for the next year. Our only concern is, our children having a little joy on December 25th and seeing their little eyes light up with surprise, wonder and happiness, good old St. Nick once again reward them for being good and not naughty.

To me that is all, that counts. It doesn’t matter if Santa Claus is white or black. If he comes from the planet Mars. It matters to me, that my children are happy and content.

It matters to me, that I have not shatter their childhood and one more year, I have accomplished the Miracle of Christmas.

So this years, I hope, we all started giving our blessing since Thanksgiving, praising our believes and who are around us. Lets not procrastinate, and let’s be better prepared for a better year.

To everyone and my loyal reader, Thank you for a wonderful year. I promise to you, I will write more. To my family and friends, thank you for all your support and dealing with my moods.

From the offices of Providence Publishers and Media Inc, and your truly Cristina Roskoff,

“Have a wonderful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”