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Is Home Schooling the answer?

homeschoolAs a parent of four incredible children, it makes me wonder at this point, if I was blessed on my first three children who use and survived the public school system with out a scratch. I still remember, getting them ready for school. Making sure, they eat their breakfasts, where dressed properly for the day, had their homework assignments ready and packed away in their book bags, brown paper lunches were ready as well and most important, they weren’t taking their favorite toy to school that day. Sometimes I was able to drive them to school if my busy schedule allowed me and sometimes I would have to use the school bus systems for their means of transportation to school. Always, always saying a silent prayer to God to please have my children safe and out of harms-way.

Now, two are in college, one who is handicapped, is always by my side, and my beautiful 3-year-old is getting ready to venture out into the system.  After this horrible and sad event that has happened in Connecticut, the senseless massacre of 20 young children and six adults from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown last Friday, I am questioning the safety of the Public School Systems and looking very serious to the idea of home schooling my youngest child.

Is home schooling the best alternative?

I have spoken to many parents that stated their children are better off being home school. Their children learn more, they are challenge more academic wise. The children do not miss any fun activities or field trips and the parents are more involved in their education.

I have to admit that sound very appealing, I can understand my child would  be more “safe” with me, than anybody. But what about my child social skills and communication and even her interactions with other kids. Would I be secluding her because I love her or would I be doing her a favor by staying at my side?

So many questions to answer, and who has the right answers to any of them. It is my right as a parent to decide what is best for my child and to provided her with the best I can afford and give. In reference to cost, home schooling is free. The School Board System does supply you with all the necessary items you need for your child.  You can join other parents that are doing the same and have meetings with them once a week and share ideas and frustrations with them. You can even organized children activities in your home with other parents and their children, so that your child can socialized and not feel left out and alienated.

Yes, you would be giving up your free time and even your job and that second needed income that your family need in these hard time. Weighting the value of  feeling in control and knowing your child is safe vs, the feeling of pure agony and terror of not knowing minute by minute if your child life is in peril can be pure hell.

My question to you as a parent is, Are you ready to take action and insure your child is safe not only with you, but anywhere else you send him or her? What are your thoughts?


Cristina Roskoff-Harris



Editors Notes: From my loving staff and myself here at “The Poor American” blog, we  are very sadden by this event.  Our prayers goes to all the families that lost their children in this horrific event and for the families of the teachers and school employees as well.







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