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NRA Does not get it

WeaponThe NRA does not understand our concerns as parents. They are stuck, yes stuck, on their backward believes in the right to gun ownership.

Okay, yes, you do have a right to own a gun, you do have a right to display them at your home and you do have a right to engaged yourself in sporting events, shows, hunting and whatever else citizens that own guns do. What you do not have a right is to take this issue lightly and endanger the life of millions of children around the country with your self-center ideas.

I recently read an article and twitter it, where the NRA and Apple approved and are currently displaying a game app that children as young as four years old can use where they are show how to shoot a gun. Is this right? Is this acceptable?

Mine you, the Apple Company and the NRA both stated that the application does give education words explaining that gun should be use cautiously and it’s not a toy. Is that all, they can say and informed.

I am a parent, I have never been more scare in my life as I am now, with these horrible events on violence and weapon display and the indifference for human life. I fear for my spouse and my children each moment of the day as they venture out to engaged in their daily activities as righteous citizens.

Having to purchase a bullet proof backpack or even a vest for my child is not an answer. I don’t  know about you, but I better myself educationally and financially so that I would not be exposed to these scenarios. How many more life have to parished in order for the NRA to finally get the meaning, this is more than serious, our society is in peril, our country is becoming the “Wild, Wild West.”

I am grateful and thankful that Gov. Cuomo, from the state of New York, has agreed and is mandating stronger, aggressive new laws on gun control and ownership. I am grateful that President Obama has made this issue, his #1 priority in this battle.

What I am not grateful is how the NRA, has lash out with ads on television using President Obama’s children as target for inconsistency and just low down nonsense. Is the NRA doesn’t care about our children, their children. Well the reality is, we do!

We do need these new laws implemented, we need to end these senseless killing. We need to protect our youth. If the current society doesn’t have the common sense to know what is right and what is wrong, what is acceptable and what is not, and most of all, the value of human life then we are heading to a path of doom.

I have faith this will be resolved and I do have faith these horrible incident won’t happened again. I have to believe in it. If I don’t, then I can’t sleep at night and instead of preparing for my child communion, sweet sixteen, school graduations, wedding and my 1st grandchild, I will be preparing an eulogy for their funeral.

Whats your opinion? We would like to know.

Cristina Roskoff-Harris




Full-time blogger, Part-time Published Novelist, Vegetarian and Animal Advocate. Founder of Max and Friends-The Magazine, Providence Publishers Blog and her favorite The Poor American Blog.

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