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Christopher Dorner

rest-in-peaceChristopher Jordan Dorner, born June 4, 1979: died February 12, 2013. Leaving behind only his mother to mourn his death and to wonder why her son to this path of destruction and chaos bringing misery, pain and confusion to the families of the fallen law enforcement officers and the people he elected to punished as he claimed thru his “Facebook” Manifesto. Was his cry for help, beforehand was ignored? Did he need to feel shame for failure to be by his own standards a good cop, a good soldier, a good human being, a good husband or companion to anyone without the humiliation of having his failures posted on-line by him or others?

When I first heard about this drama, I really though it was a promo for an on coming movie. I even asked my husband, he assured me it was not.

Incident like this should never had happen. I believe the failure lies in the Police Department and the military for not evaluating correctly Mr. Dorner’s mental state and allowing him to be out in the Population.

After a week of media attention, thousands of tweets, and all of giving our valuable time to voice our opinions. All I can say is this.

What’s worth it? Did we learned anything? Or it was just another excuse to forget our troubles and become, judge, trial and jury?

We will never know. My condolences to the families of the fallen and to Mr. Dorner’s Mom because she has to deal with this tragedy.

Cristina Roskoff-Harris



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