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Three minutes to Midnight

The Famous Doomsday Clock.

“It’s been way to long since I posted something on this blog. I was in a car accident hurt my back and knee and been out of commission for a while. But, I am back and happy to be here again. “

The Doomsday Clock

In 1947 a very potent and brilliant scientist issued their first publication called “The Bulletin of Atomic Scientist and the eerie presentation of the “The Clock of Doom” was born. The clock, also known as the “Doomsday Clock” has been updated 22 times in its 70 years history.

At the beginning of 2015 the clock minute hand (which has been in the position of five minutes to midnight for quite a while) was move up to three minutes to midnight and has stayed in that position ever since.  Please be advised, this decision is based on everything that affect our planet and its habitat.

With the growing changes in our weather pattern, the conflicts in the middle east, political changes, new threats to world peace and the threats of old and new diseases the equation is there for disaster.

So what does it means to us………

Nothing really, we can’t change the weather. We can’t demand that our world leaders play nice, we can’t abolished all diseases…..we just can’t. What we can do is, take heart and help one another. Show sympathy instead of empathy, stop taking selfies of everything and do help out in a time of crisis. Show concern and compassion for your fellow-man. Stop being so self-center, so self-righteous and be more forgiving.

Stop hating and start showing love. Learn and teach our youth respect, the real meaning of respect. Respect which is earned not given. Lets all spend some time away from these electronic-equipments, that are destroying our brains. Put your phone down for 30 minutes or even an hour. Talk to your peers instead of texting. Do spend quality time with your family, your children, your pets. Give yourself time off to relax, unwind from the day-to-day struggle.

Eat a nice dinner at home, prepared it with your family. Just stop! Look, listen, and feel.

Maybe, just maybe this can start a good trend…..a healthy trend, and even the beginning of peace.

If not, then yes, we have to take the doomsday clock seriously. We need to prepared for any type of disaster, not just locally but statewide even global. I don’t want or need to wear a tinfoil on my head or even become  a “prepper” and start stocking  supplies waiting  for the EMP to strike or even using the hit show “The Walking Dead” as my instructional guide to survival.

What I do need to do and hope everyone out there is conscious enough  to realised, we, yes, we all  need to learn to get along. Let’s be vocal the right way not the wrong way.

The doomsday clock may say three minutes to midnight before SHTF, but it is telling me is three minutes more to change our look on life and behave as the dominant species not the next species to be extinct from this earth…

So what is your opinion…….



Full-time blogger, Part-time Published Novelist, Vegetarian and Animal Advocate. Founder of Max and Friends-The Magazine, Providence Publishers Blog and her favorite The Poor American Blog.

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