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THE GIRL (she’s hard to kill)SHORT STORY (one)

4% through THE GIRL (she’s hard to kill)SHORT STORY (one) by JACKSON, KELVIN F on Kindle for Android!

Am very hooked with this stories.

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Nice 2 B Back!!!

Good Morning and welcome to our blog

Thank you all for your support and for my husband Stanley, who has encourage me to write again, after a long year of absence.

I hope my new readers will find my blog entertaining as well as informative. I will be taking a topic once a week and working on it. Giving my opinion and stating why is important to write about it. This time “Poor American” will not be about how many blogs I can write, but about the quality and the importance of the issue at hand. Please, I do look forward for input and from everyone that read this blog. As, always, I do speak my mind and no subject is less important than the next.
I do hope you enjoy my blog, thank you. Cristina

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The Poor American

Welcome to my blog, “The Poor American”. Here I will be discussing issues that are important to all of us. Your opinion counts, as always… so,please leave your comments.

Nothing is sacred here. You have a topic, I will discuss it to the fullest.

As always, God Bless.

Cristina Roskoff-Harris