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Enough with Electronic Cigarettes Nonsense

“Sorry folks, no cute little picture on this blog, at least this time”.……..CH

Having been a true die-hard smokers for 33 years of my life. I can’t say I pick up the habit because it was Cool, or because my friends were doing it back then. I can’t say that I was impressed when I saw a “classy” woman or a “tough guy” smoking either. In reality, I was curious, and I like the effect it gave me. It help me stay awake at college, it help me deal with people nonsense.

I never like smoking in restaurants, I never even liked smoking in bed. Yeah, I like a good smoke after sex, but who doesn’t?

What I am getting is, the freedom to choose and do.

I have chosen not to:

smell like smoke.

not to draw attention to myself.

not to burn my clothes.

and most important not to pay so much for a pack of cigarettes.

What I did chose to do, is smoke an alternative product, that would satisfy my craving, my addiction to nicotine, without disturbing everyone around me. That was the sensible and honorable way to go. I didn’t want to get into verbal confrontation, or arguments, didn’t want to be nasty with anybody, I just wanted to smoke and be left in peace.

That is when the electronic cigarette became an interesting option for me. Back in 2009, when I started “Vaping” you could only find these gadgets online or at the local mall. Now in 2014, they are everywhere. Major store chains sells them, your local convenience store sell them, and they are still sold on-line as well.

I am not expecting these electronic cigarettes to pop up at rest stops or even on vending machines, like the regular tobacco cigarettes where 33 years ago. What am expecting is for these electronic cigarettes to be accepted as the new norm for smokers.

Electronic cigarettes are not tobacco product because simply, they do not have any tobacco product in them. Out of the many ingredient a regular cigarette have, the electronic counter part only has 1. Just the nicotine and that is all. The nicotine  is  what makes many of us addicted to the habit.

I don’t care much about variety in flavors you can get out of these electronic gadget, since we all know that Nicotine is odorless and tasteless. What regular smokers and non-smokers have endure thru time is the horrible burn smell of paper and tar and other nasty chemicals that are composed in regular cigarettes with the hint of taste in the form of tobacco or menthol.

However, to make them more attractive and new, flavor have been added to the mix, you can still have your old flavors and spice your palette a bit with the new delight from coffee, mocha, peach, apple, cherry and so on. That is your choice.

What I am not liking from all these electronic cigarettes companies is the myth, these counter part are equivalent to a full pack of cigarettes. They are not. If I smoke a disposable of any brand out there and they are closely to over 200 companies making electronic cigarettes today, none and I mean it, none are equivalent to a full pack of smokes. So stop saying you are.

For me, I have to purchase and use 4 disposable for my daily consumption, at $6 per piece that is $24 per day, t I could do the same with just paying $7 for the analog. If I use the rechargeable (after the initial cost of the kits, since they are not interchangeable) then my cost will go down dramatically. Depending on the brand and price of the cartomizers, I would be spending $2 or $3 per day. However, even with the rechargeable, I would still have to use 3 cartomizers for my daily intake, but I will be saving tons of money.

Vaping is not a science and it definitely is not a life changing experience.  You are not going to like it over night and it will not take care of your craving in an instant. The speed that your body absorb and takes the nicotine is slower, by maybe 5 second. Enough for you to say, this is not for me.

Yet, we are all creatures of habits, and we do have the vast intelligent to choose and pick (free will). So for us, that like to smoke, I am sure there is an adequate brand out there for you. Just be patience, you will find it. The same way you found your favorite brand of analog cigarettes. For those, using this method to quit smoking, I congratulate you. I have tried the gum and the patch didn’t work for me either. Good Luck!

And for us, that still enjoy a good smoke, let not get discourage and continued to do so. I chosed to vapor with the electronic cigarettes. I will continued to do so and  I am very proud to be a “Vaper”.

Whats your opinion?