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Do you know what the FDA is really saying?

Do you know what the FDA is really saying about electronic cigarettes?

Nothing. The FDA has gone thru a sure market “Teenager”. They know the general population will rally with them for the safety of their children. However, the FDA is not really doing their homework in ensuring the vaping industry of guideline for better products, both in the e-liquid preparation and the hardware itself. They are not conducting the right studies in finding how effective the product is in stopping regular smokers from lighting up.
The FDA is wrong in classifying the electronic cigarette as a tobacco product because, it is not. The addiction to nicotine is and should be their concern.
I praise the millions who have stopped smoking altogether, but for those who have changed their vice for another is a different ball game.

The FDA is now in the position of controlling a market growth. They have abandoned the pursued of the strong lobbyist, the tobacco industries (who sales are going down), to do a witch hunt on vapers
in a market, the FDA has not been able to control as of now

Here is a video I would like to share.

(This is the webinar from White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes)

Why hasn’t the nicotine patches, gums, or even inhalers worked?But the electronic cigarettes has. Why is the electronic cigarette a better alternative to smoking? How does the electronic cigarette effectively control the craving for cigarettes?

I can answer these question, for myself, for 25 years I was a regular cigarette smoker (Menthols was my vice), I gave it up for vaping. It has been cost effective, I have not gained extra weight, my home and vehicle do not smell, I can breathe and taste again. I am not looked upon, as the caused for second-hand smoking. No one can tell, I have a nicotine addiction. Electronic cigarettes have worked for me. My husband still smoke regular cigarettes, he refuses to give them up.
I feel sorry for him when he is given the dirty look for smoking, the extra cologne he has to use to masquerade the cigarette odor, the tons of mint he has to purchase for his breath. The worries of burning his clothes, our furniture, the morning hacking cough he has to endure.

In the end, we both have a nicotine addiction, I just hide it better than he does. I spend less money than he does, and my local convenience store sees me less.

What is your opinion?

Cristina Roskoff-Harris
The Poor American


Full-time blogger, Part-time Published Novelist, Vegetarian and Animal Advocate. Founder of Max and Friends-The Magazine, Providence Publishers Blog and her favorite The Poor American Blog.

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