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The Presidential Race

In 2009, I began to experience personally, what many of us have called “The Great Recession” or “The Great Depression”. I was in total shock and dismay. I was one of the many, who had found themselves, jobless, no medical insurance and well in the path of being foreclose from their american dream, their home. I had fallen thru the cracks of Middle Class to the New Poor. Competing with The Joneses was no longer an option, The Joneses were there too with me. Our financial stability, dream of equality, and better life had been destroyed by poor management and trust…..

President Obama– The President-elect in 2008 did something, that no other President could do. He united the country when we were separated by our beliefs. He had a great vision and a great plan to help this nation be one again, and to restore it to its natural glory. President Obama, help those in need, help stable the economy from falling deeper thru the cracks and bring some kind of stability. The American Economy was falling fast, at a G-force rate and he was able to stop it. I know, not as fast as we would had like it to, not even close to what we had expected for him to accomplished. Yet, let’s be honest, no-one in congress had been kind, respectful or even fair. President Obama has had a long fight, in all his years as President of The United States. Despite all of this, his small wins and large defeats has not damper or deteriorated him for trying for four more years and help us and this nation get back on its feet and back to a healthy stable recovery, where we can all prosper.

Candidate Ex-Governor Romney: Mr. Romney with his one-two punch attitude and that famous five point plan (that you need to go to his website to read) for some strange reason has entice and motivated and confused a lot of American in believing that we should go back and not forward, praised the rich and damn the poor in order for this great nation to prosper and revitalized itself back to the glory days before The Great Recession. In his vision, the many, the (47%), who were not able to survive or sustain themselves or simple hang on the ride. Can be categorized as a small loss or casualty for the greater good of the wealthy to maintain their status quo and their millions.

What does it mean to us: It means, that we should all be vigilant, not believe in fairy tales, be aware and be patience. This situation did not happen over night and it will surely not resolve it self in the latter. You have an obligation and a civil duty to vote for whom you believe will be the best person to help our country prosper and continue to grow, and provide a better future for our children and generations to come. What we do not have is the right to manipulate, coerce, degrade, threaten, or even scheme and frighten other american citizens from voting and voicing their opinions, even if their are not your own.

This is wrong. This is biased. This is not a form of democracy. This is down right evil and selfish. Let’s show the world what a real american is and let’s show the world why this is the greatest nation in the world.

What It Means To Me: These last 4 years have been hell for me and my family. I have been part of the 47% and surely have been close, very close to losing it all. I have never in all my years have watch and study closely a presidential race as this one. It brings back the famous words of the late “President Kennedy” which stated….”….ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your  country.”

For the very 1st time, I voted early and I am sure the person I voted for will help all of us triumph in this situation.  This race should not be about race, creed or color. This race should not be about riches or poorer. This race should be about all of ‘us” .

“One Nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.”

C. Roskoff, editor.


Full-time blogger, Part-time Published Novelist, Vegetarian and Animal Advocate. Founder of Max and Friends-The Magazine, Providence Publishers Blog and her favorite The Poor American Blog.

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