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Red,White And Blue

Fact: President Obama got re-elected by winning with 303 electoral votes.

Fact: President Obama got the popular vote as well.

Fact: Not even a horrible “Super Storm Sandy” deterred the election.

Fact: The Famous “Tea Party” are still scratching their head wondering what really happened.

Fact: The Republican got snow ball at their own game, and are dumb struck.

Fact: Governor Mitt Romney is dissolution and wants and needs to polished his imagine.

Fact: The majority of the voters, “The People” wanted to keep a good, honest, hard-working, “down to earth” man in office.

Fact: Florida is still counting their votes, why? Who knows! But their still counting!

Fact: President Obama got his “Four More Years”.

Fact: House and Senate has stay the same, are they going to play nice? Good Question.

Fact: Republican that voted for their candidate are mad as hell.

So what does this all mean: President Obama said it best at his victory speech. Lets continued to move forward, lets put our differences aside, lets work together, as one people, one nation. Lets restore the glory and the dream of what makes this country great.

That is what all American need to concentrate. Helping one another, assist and watch over their government  meet and exceed their expectation in creating jobs, better education, healthcare, taxation and defending equality because that is what makes this country great and encourages all of us in obtaining the famous “American Dream”.

In the end, lets work hard for one another, lets puts all our differences aside and let’s be united for ourself, the world and most of all our children and the future generations to come. No one party was a winner, we were all winners. We all want the same thing, to keep, maintain and to succeed a better form of life.

What’s your opinion?

Cristina Roskoff



Full-time blogger, Part-time Published Novelist, Vegetarian and Animal Advocate. Founder of Max and Friends-The Magazine, Providence Publishers Blog and her favorite The Poor American Blog.

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