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Five easy way to end writer’s block.

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Got the writer’s blog blues, here are five easy way to get focus again.

  1. Stop what you are doing. – That’s right, just stop! Looking at your laptop, Chromebook, Mac or Tablet is not going to help you out. Take a break, walk away, do something else for a while, then try again.
  2. Take a walk or a drive. – Figure it out, where you usually do your best brain storming? Go there and get your energy recharge again. Do not forget to write down your ideas on a simple pad or even yet, record a voice memo.
  3. Communicate – Talking is the best way to get your idea out. Have a conversation with those friends you have been neglecting lately. See what they are up to. You might be inspired, they might have some great ideas to pass along.
  4. Read a book, watch T.V., listen to some music. you might be surprise. – A phrase, something that caught your eye while watching, reading, might stir you back in the right direction.
  5. Sleep – Yes, this is what could be why you are not being creative. Lack of sleep or just simply hungry can make you go “zombie”.

Why not lets throw another one,

You might just need some good old “TLC”.

Just trying to help………

Cristina Roskoff-Harris


The Poor American Blog





Full-time blogger, Part-time Published Novelist, Vegetarian and Animal Advocate. Founder of Max and Friends-The Magazine, Providence Publishers Blog and her favorite The Poor American Blog.

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