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Can these two ever get along?
Can these two ever get along?

Election 2016 – The second presidential debate was last night. As we all know, while Hillary Clinton kept her cool and stayed focus on the issues that matter to the American Public. Donald Trump did not disappoint us with his typical ranting and putting the blame on everyone that can hold a candle. He is a real bully. He even disagrees with his own running Vice-President. This election is about Donald Trump being #1. He wants to win for himself. The Republican are at arm wits trying desperately to find a safe heaven with their candidate. In my book, Clinton is 2-0 with this big win again.



Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew – This was a very nasty storm. The damage and devastation it caused, hasn’t been seen in decades. I can personally tell you, we were without power. It was an ordeal to get fuel, supplies. My back yard is in shambles. My dog was terrified. My children were scared. We had no means of communication with the outside world since everything we own is run on power. We were without power for 2 a day and what save us was we are close to City Hall and I guess we are in the same grind as them. But when we lost the internet,  for 2 1/2  days. If  you are like me, who works using the internet this was a downpour. We give  thanks, to the utilities and Brighthouse for the heroic tireless effort to restored everyone life back to normal. For those who has lost their home, our prayers are with you. Just remember, you can always rebuild, a lost life is worst.

Give to the Red Cross for the Hurricane Matthew’s Victims



Haiti The poorest nation in the third world got another blow when Hurricane Matthew came to their shores. It has been reported the devastation in damages and the count of 1,000 people loosing their life in this storm is still rising. Aid has been continuously pouring in for the victims of Hurricane Matthew. Let’s keep them in our prayers and please donate to save the children foundation




Providence Publishers And Media Inc. – Providence Publishers has  launched their October 2016 issue of Max And Friends. It’s a free pet magazine. Check it out.


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Cristina Roskoff-Harris



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Are U Tired Of This Election Race?

Clinton Vs Trump
Clinton Vs Trump













Let’s start with the constitution, if you do not have a copy this is the link for the official site.

This whole election and campaign have been on two things.

Trump lack of professionalism and Hillary Clinton trying to prove she can be the next commander-in-chief.

I really do not want to hear what she did or hasn’t done. Because if that was the case a lot of the other politicians would not have been elected if they would have been accountable  for their past actions. Yet they were not!

We all know Trump is a hot head. We all know his lack of diplomacy. We all know his knowledge of current and past affairs of the United States is very limited.

We the people have a responsibility to ourselves to elect a president who is close to the issues we are passionate about. We always look and seek for solutions benefiting the country as a whole, not just one single individual.

This game playing  he said/she said is for children. Name calling is for children. Screaming profanities and promoting violence is for barbaric. Disrespecting women, the elderly, handicapped and most of all our soldiers and veterans is just morally wrong.

Yet a small percentage of Trump followers allow this to continued. Yes, a small percentage.

Stop promoting hate, stop allowing your children to repeat every word that comes out of your mouth. Infuse unity, infuse pride, infuse loyalty and most of all infuse good judgment. Infuse respect for humanity and animals. Infuse diversity and fellowship. Infuse our forefather ideas we are all one great nation composed of immigrants.

Who came to North American to build a better life, for themselves and their children and future generation to come. They cross the oceans to escape tyranny, persecution of religion and values. This nation has always been a melted pot of different cultures.

The only true American are the Native American Indians. You, Me, all of us are not true American. Our heritage comes from the French, the Irish, the English, the Dutch, the Russian, the Spaniards, the Italians, the Chinese and the African (who were enslaved here). Our language comes from England and if you look at our dictionary you will find so many words that are from those other places.

So please stop the hate, stop racism, just stop. If you want America to be great again.

The task starts with you!


This is just my opinion.









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In The News Today…….


New segment for The Poor American blog

In the news-

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Donald_Trump(1)Donald Trump – “You’re Hired!”. The Republican Party has spoken, after so many months of Flip Flop with “The Donald”, finally they have conceded giving Mr. Donald Trump the nomination he needs to move forward for his dream to become the next President Of The United States of America.




StopViolenceViolence  in America – is at an all-time high. Many believe our nation is definitely divided. Too much violence and not enough gun control are the key issues which will come to play in this year election. Let’s hope Donald Trump is up to the challenge if he wins on November 8th.




Arturo The Lonely BearArturo “The Loneliest Bear”

This article is presented courtesy of

Arturo (1985 – July 3, 2016) was a polar bear living in Mendoza Zoological Park inMendoza, Argentina, the only polar bear living in the country. He was born in the United States and transferred to Argentina in 1993. His companion, a female named Pelusa, died of cancer in 2012. The living conditions of the cage Arturo resided in were controversial, as temperatures reach up to 40°C in Argentina, and the pool in Arturo’s cage was only 20 inches deep. Animal rights activists had, in response, dubbed Arturo the “world’s saddest animal” and promoted a petition to have him moved to Assiniboine Park Zoo, a zoo inWinnipeg, Canada. The petition was created by Laura Morales of Hamilton, Ontario. It gained considerable attention after the hashtag #Freearturo began trending on Twitter. Supporters of the petition also noted that a polar bear died in Buenos Aires in December 2012 due to excessive heat, and argued that Arturo exhibited symptoms of depression and other mental health problems.

As of July 19, 2014, the petition had over 400,000 signatures and had been endorsed by Newt Gingrich and Cher. Assiniboine Park Zoo responded that while they would’ve gladly accepted Arturo there, they did not have the authority to do so unless Argentina agreed to transfer him there and that the Mendoza zoo could not supply the necessary medical records to make such a trip possible.

On July 24, 2014, the director of the Mendoza Zoo, Gustavo Pronotto, told the Associated Press that Arturo was too old to be moved to Canada. In social media, people also advocated for Arturo to be moved to Canada. and Twitter hashtag #FreeArturo.

On July 3, 2016, Arturo died.


Hilirary R Clinton
Hilary R. Clinton



The Woman Card– As Donald Trump favorites calls her, Is Hilary really up to the challenge to become our next president? The odds are strongly against her. The majority of American are seeking justice and old values to be imposed once against with-out thinking about the consequences it may bring. They might elect Donald Trump just because he voices their “anger” and frustration. Trump doesn’t bring solutions to the table. He brings more showmanship, he treats this nation with ignorance. The solutions may sound good, but a real thinker always knows “what may look good on paper, may not actually work in reality.”


Providence Publishers & Media INC. (1)Providence Publishers And Media Inc. is getting ready to launch their new “doggie”magazine call “Max And Friends” which promises to be educational and fun for adults and kids. Their September 2016 issue will be on sale August 15th. That is only 25 days away. Good Luck! Here is a link to their website


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Anger, why do we hate so much?

Anger is an emotion characterized by antagonism toward someone or something you feel has deliberately done you wrong. Anger can be a good thing. It can give you a way to express negative feelings, for example, or motivate you to find solutions to problems. But excessive anger can cause problems.

Anger and Aggression – American Psychological Association

American Psychological Association
Anger, negativity, shutting down, unproductive
“Usually, my blog is based on positive things, never anything negative. This morning, after I spend a good 90 minutes reading my emails and the social media I follow, it struck me to see why do we hate so much?”
It is sad when you see so much hatred being reported. It saddens me more when the average person cannot speak their opinion  without being hateful.

I give you some examples:

  • Facebook – How many time, have you received a post of  someone in dire stress (a child sick, an animal injured, or a personal quote) to be instructed if you do not reply to the post evil, horrible things will come your way.
  • Twitter – You have also seen them there as well. What really strike me odd, when other twitter followers go after each others in an angry, hurtful, negative way.
  • Bloggers- Is okay, to express your opinion. It’s okay to say, I do not like or enjoy this. Follow it with a valid reason why and encourage your readers to leave their opinions as well. Agree to disagree. What is not okay to report your one-sided view and state it as news.It is not news, it called an editorial.

What really concern me is the hatred we have for one another. I really truly understand we can not like everything. We are all different. That is the way we were made. When I took Logic in college, the first thing I learned was to differentiate between an opinion, a fact, and a hasty generalization.

In my opinion, I believe that is how the world sees itself. The world like to hastily generalize everything it sees. If you are not in agreement with an action, you have a problem. You are ignorant, and if you get offended you react with anger instead of finding a hospitable solution to the situation at hand.

There is too much hate in this world. Everyone hates everyone. No want to understand or see the other person point of view. No one wants to validate the reason. Everyone wants to be right and nobody wants to be wrong.

Everyone wants to be called an “American”, but no one knows what the real meaning of being an American is. And let me give you a hint, it has nothing to do, with the colored of your skin, your religious belief, the political party you are affiliated with.

Being an American, it’s accepting change, diversity, freedom from opposition. Is unity, compassion, equal representation, is the knowledge of acceptance we are the people, we are one nation, we are all American. No one is less or superior to anybody. This is a great melting pot of people of different cultures, sharing, embracing their knowledge for the greater good of humanity.

“Sorry, If I offended anyone today. I was just exercising my right of freedom of speech.”


Cristina Roskoff-Harris


The Poor American




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In The News Today…….

New segment for The Poor American blog In the news-Caption Man Reading News online



Bernie Sanders – While Senator Sanders still hasn’t conceded his primary election to be over, he still has time to join the Sit-in Protest Inaction on Gun Control.

We do remember Sanders is running against Hilary Clinton in the same Democratic Party for the Presidential Office. We praise Senator Sanders for his hard work in the Gun Control movement. This has come about after 49 people die and 53 injured in the Pose Night Club Shooting.

Baby BluYulin Dog Festival 2016 – Advocates are hard at work savings life of dogs and cats. This festival runs during the month of June for 10 days. The twitter boards have been going active as news of success in stopping the massacre of animal mutilation , boiled alive, and gutted alive is still going on. Marc Ching, founder of “The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation” has reported  saving 1,000 animals so far. One of the most acclaimed is Baby Blu. A puppy that was still in the mother’s wound developing. The mother was gutted alive and the puppy was thrown to the ground as seen on videos around the internet.  We are happy to report the puppy is currently in an incubator and is doing fine. If you would like to help here is the link

Jaguar-Rio-2Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – As customary to have an official Olympic Torch Rally, Brazil decided to add a jaguar to the festivities. Unfortunately, this backfired. The jaguar named Juma, was killed by a Brazilian Soldier after it made a daring attempt to escape the festivities. The zoo handlers did try to succumb the animals with tranquilizers but these prove to be ineffective and the animal had to be put down.


TrumpDonald Trump –  The Republican Convention schedule for July 18th thru July 21st and Trump still has not announced his running mate. Speculators are saying Trump might be holding off until the convention to make his announcement.

alligator-306548_960_720Orlando, Florida – Florida  Fish And Wildlife Conservation Commission has stated the alligator who attacked the 2-year-old killed while vacationing with his parents at one of Disney World Resorts has been captured and killed.


Providence Publishers & Media INC. (1)Providence Publishers And Media Inc. is getting ready to launch their new “doggie”magazine call “Max And Friends” which promises to be educational and fun for adults and kids. Their September 2016 issue will be on sale August 15th. Here is a link to their website


I hope you enjoyed our new segment. I will be blogging this segment once a week.

Cristina Roskoff-Harris



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Are you serious?

TrumpI have tried my best not to make comment on this man, l really tried…..but this is just way to much to keep my mouth shut.

When Donald Trump announced he was running for president, I laugh. I personally thought he was joking and even the media took him as such. We all felt he was just expressing his constitutional right of “Freedom of Speech” and left it at that.

As the hours, turned into days and months, now we are closer to our election for President of the United States, I really have to say “Are you serious? Eh? Really?”

Trump doesn’t understand what is Foreign Policy ( am not sure if he knows how to spell it). So lets just start with a few things he has says…..

  • Let the Mexican pay for the wall

Okay, that is nice. However; cartel, smugglers do not cross the Rio Grande anymore, they make tunnels. So making the Mexican pay for a wall to stop this action is not going to help.

  • Bring American Companies back from overseas.

That is nice too. However; the republicans themselves were the one that cut the incentive for this companies to stay here and force them to go overseas and acquired cheap labor and huge profits. Something, they may not be too happy to leave behind.

  • Repeal Obamacare

This one he did get me to agree somewhat. However; We should be allowed the american public to decided on their insurance and we should be able not to be penalized for not having insurance we cannot afford. The problem is people not being able to afford medical coverage, why? Because of these large corporation hiking the price of medicine, medical care, abolishing pre-existing conditions and setting deductibles that are outrages. Do not blame the un-insurance for these hikes, blame the insured for wasting and over using the systems.

  • Abortion

You are wrong. Why? Abortion is a very touchy subject like religion. Trump should had never touch this one. Yet, he love to put his foot in his mouth. This should be a choice between the woman and her doctor. There are too many variables into this:

  1. Rape
  2. Incest
  3. Health
  4. Financial

Why bring a child to a world were it can suffer, that is just wrong.

  • Overall Immigration

Recently, Trump made the statement that all Muslim should be deported or just ban from entering the United States, with the exemption of his Wealthy Muslims Friends. Wow! that is really showing diplomacy there.

  • Hatred

For what I can see, all that Mr. Trump is infusing, is just pure hatred inside the United States. This great nation was built by the blood and sweat of immigrants who came to this country for a better life, to be able to practice their believes (religions) without persecution, to be able to prosper, their hope and dreams, overall of a better life for them and their children.

  • Terrorism

Yes, I can understand his point. We are all worried and scared. Our nation was attacked back on 9/11. It was devastating. As a New Yorker, myself I was angry and hurt when those towers when down. A lot of people died that day, and yes! The terrorist need to pay for what they did and continued doing all over the world. We do need to make them understand we are not a nation to recon with, but not by his means. We are a nation of peace and justice and that is why we are so great.


“Please understand, I am not in favor or against Mr. Trump. I wish him the best in his endeavor. If he feels he is the man qualify for the job of the Presidency that is his opinion. My objective is to inform and understand his policies and as an American decided on November 8th, who I place my trust to represent me for the next 4 years. You should do the same. When the smoke clears we need a great man or woman to hold that office with pride and justice for the liberty of the people.” 

What do you think?


Cristina Roskoff-Harris


The Poor American