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My Apologies…………


My apologies to my readers for being away for so long. I have been having so personal problems which in turn made me unable to blog until now.

I wrote a post some time back about Divorce 101. The truth of the matter is it’s not a “one size fit all” type of situation. Yes, the premise is the same money, cheating, abuse, or growing apart. What is not the same is the way we may go about it and for how long we continued the abuse even after the separation or divorce.

So let’s be clear…..

a cheater will always cheat.

an abuser will always abuse.

and an immature, selfish needy _____ will always be.


Walk away, no better yet, run! Leave it behind. Start your life, new and fresh.

Do not carry unnecessary baggage that is not yours.  Believe you are #1, act like your are #1 because you are.

You are special. You are great and you will conquer. You will survive this and you will triumph!

If you still have hope in finding someone who will appreciate you, you will.

For the rest of us, that have hang-up the gloves and decided “Batman Rides Alone.” I am with you.

Until next time (which it will be real soon)……..








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