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Things Happen For A Reason…..


Good Morning, everyone. I hope your weekend was fruitful.

This morning while checking my daughter’s backpack I came across her bible verse for this week.

It got me thinking. I know we all have questioned one time or another, events that have happened close to us, and sometimes not so close.

I believe this verse should get you in the right direction to the answers you seek.

Enjoy your Monday. Remember to think positive. All things happen for a reason.

We may not like the answers we seek, but the truth never lies.




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Who Doesn’t Like Free Stuff!

october-2016 is doing something great for all Pet Lovers and parents giving their exclusive magazine Max and Friends for free. The September 2016 issue started this and now in October they have continued to honor their magazine once again.

For how long, will Providence Publishers  continues to offer this wonderful magazine for free. Time will only tell. But for now. Let’s just enjoy it.


So please drop them a line. Tell them how you feel.

I just going to get some coffee and enjoy my Saturday reading.



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Five Great Ideas To Entertain Your Kids

Summer is almost here, and most of all the kids are out of school. So now you are wondering what to do with them.

familyHere are some excellent ideas to get you started on a fun safe summer!

  1. Organized a Play Date – Get together with parents and assigned each a day to take care of the kids for a couple of hours or for the day.
  2. Check the YMCA – You might be able to  enroll your child on a specific event or outing to keep them busy.
  3. Check your School – Summer programs are everywhere. Your child school will have a great schedule and it can be cost-effective.
  4. Check your Church or Organization – They may be offering  schedule activities or even camp for the summer.
  5. Organized Field Trip and make sure you get a group discount – The trip can consist of going to your local museum, parks, restaurants and even the movie theater. Oh, and don’t forget the beach. Kids love to play in the sand.

Enjoy your summer!


Cristina Roskoff-Harris


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