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The New Age Of Minimalist

A photo by Liz Weston.

The minimalist live style started back in the 1950. Basically, you live with less, much less about 100 things.

Today is a big trend. The simplicity of art, media, and lifestyle has evolved into this new (yet old) culture. To be a minimalist is to free yourself of stress, clutter, things that are not so much important. To enjoy life to the fullest with family, friends, eat right, value simplicity.

Look around you, de-clutter yourself of material things that no longer have value. Ask yourself, do you really need 10 or 20 pairs of shoes? Do you need so many clothes? Is your closet full of clothes that you no longer use? Does your home have to look like a museum in order to make you feel better? Is having so many electronic devices good for you?

Would it really hurt you to have maybe 1 or 2 credit cards instead of the 10 you are carrying around? Is it really necessary to upgrade your car or phone every year?


There is an old saying, “You can’t take it with you when you die.”

For some of us, living with less has always been our struggle. There is nothing fancy or easy with having less. We just cannot afford it. Now, it’s a new way of life.

Can you live with less? Ask yourself. You might be surprised with your answer.



Save Money, No Cutting Coupon

imagesI hate cutting coupon, but I do love saving money. I have found a sure way to save money at the grocers without having to cut coupons.

If you are like me, you cut the coupon, store them in your purse and forget it. By the time you remember to use them, they are either expired or you just cannot find them.

I am very excited to share how I save money with out the cutting! Here are my 3 easy steps.

BOGO ( Buy 1 and get 1 free). Sure every store has them. Yet Wal-Mart is the only one I know that will honor competitors BOGO. Just show the associate at the register and they will do the rest.

Price Match (and there an app for this).

  •  Take the circular from the competitor store (your circular digital version work as well) and show the associate at the check out.
  • Or you can use the Wal-Mart App, and it will scan your receipt for saving on the items you have missed and they will email you a gift card with your savings.

Digital Coupons (There an app for this too)

Download your favorite store app on your phone or tablet, look thru their coupon, select them or activate them. See no cutting!

Either show them to the cashier, have them scan your store card, or enter your phone number and you will see the coupon discounted on your order. You can even use the coupon on a sale item.

Save at the pump (Winn-Dixie). Who is crazy enough, not to want to save more money at the pump on gas per gallon.  Check your grocers to see if they offer this incentive. In Florida Winn-Dixie does this with their selective participating gas station. You accumulate during the month(on selective items you purchase) from 5 cents to $2.00 off per gallon at the pump (max 20 gal). Wipe your store card at the pump or at the gas station, and pay for your gas.

Who knows how much you can save per month, and we sure know every penny counts.

How do you stretch your savings? Love to hear about it.


Cristina Roskoff-Harris


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