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Are U Tired Of This Election Race?

Clinton Vs Trump
Clinton Vs Trump













Let’s start with the constitution, if you do not have a copy this is the link for the official site.

This whole election and campaign have been on two things.

Trump lack of professionalism and Hillary Clinton trying to prove she can be the next commander-in-chief.

I really do not want to hear what she did or hasn’t done. Because if that was the case a lot of the other politicians would not have been elected if they would have been accountable  for their past actions. Yet they were not!

We all know Trump is a hot head. We all know his lack of diplomacy. We all know his knowledge of current and past affairs of the United States is very limited.

We the people have a responsibility to ourselves to elect a president who is close to the issues we are passionate about. We always look and seek for solutions benefiting the country as a whole, not just one single individual.

This game playing  he said/she said is for children. Name calling is for children. Screaming profanities and promoting violence is for barbaric. Disrespecting women, the elderly, handicapped and most of all our soldiers and veterans is just morally wrong.

Yet a small percentage of Trump followers allow this to continued. Yes, a small percentage.

Stop promoting hate, stop allowing your children to repeat every word that comes out of your mouth. Infuse unity, infuse pride, infuse loyalty and most of all infuse good judgment. Infuse respect for humanity and animals. Infuse diversity and fellowship. Infuse our forefather ideas we are all one great nation composed of immigrants.

Who came to North American to build a better life, for themselves and their children and future generation to come. They cross the oceans to escape tyranny, persecution of religion and values. This nation has always been a melted pot of different cultures.

The only true American are the Native American Indians. You, Me, all of us are not true American. Our heritage comes from the French, the Irish, the English, the Dutch, the Russian, the Spaniards, the Italians, the Chinese and the African (who were enslaved here). Our language comes from England and if you look at our dictionary you will find so many words that are from those other places.

So please stop the hate, stop racism, just stop. If you want America to be great again.

The task starts with you!


This is just my opinion.










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