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Mad As Hell Part 2

I haven’t done this segment in a long time. Today is one of those days, when you really have to express yourself about the little things that really, really irritate you a bit.x4aaf4su9q

I guess Wednesday has turned into a Monday for me, today. So let’s begin.

Drivers– Yes, drivers. There should be a law after so many years you should be given a road test again. Mine you, I probably would not pass it either. But there are some real characters on the road. Take this morning. I am driving my 7-year-old to school. This woman cuts in front of me as she makes an illegal left turn gives me the finger. Honestly, I laugh at her stupidity. Then I realise she is the reason women drivers get so bad rep.

Finances– Yes, the saga of bill paying. As in every relationship,there is one-half that is better at this than the other. Unfortunately, in my household, my husband fails at this miserably. From time to time, I let him handle the finances so he can see, it’s not an easy job. So today  his truck payment is late. (Sorry sweetie, I had to put it out there). Yes, my husband read this blog. He knows I am fuming at this point.

Charity Work– Being an advocate against Animal Abuse it is not an easy job. Each of us gives our time, resources and talent for a good cause. I  made a magazine called Max And Friends (it’s free)  I am taking donations for local shelters. Right now we stand at 0% donated. This makes me sad.

Bloggers– I love my community on I do have other sites that I manage at this one is always home for me. I do not like when other bloggers take your idea and run away with it and make it their own. That is wrong. This has happened to me several times already.

Disrespect– We were taught as children to be respectful of others. Why all of a sudden all you see, hear and read is how angry and disrespectful everyone has become. Honestly, I seriously believe there is something in the food to make people so angry. Just a thought.

New Canvas
This is my “Mad As Hell!” my daughter Ana Rui, did for my new segment.



Thank you for reading my blog. It means a lot to me.



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Open Letter to All Animal Abuser

Maxi and Me


My name is Max, and I am a boxer. This is my owner. She likes to be called “Mama”. When my human family tells me “….go see Mama,” I know I have to go see what she wants. I had other siblings, 11 of them to be exact. I do not know where they are now, but I do know my human family loves me and takes care of me, as I take care of them.

My human family is pretty cool. Actually, they let me lounge on the couch all day long,they give me baths when I am stinky, feed me when I am hungry, give me shelter, they buy me toys so I won’t chew their shoes or the furniture. They take me out for walks so I get exercise and take me to the Vet so that I am always healthy.

I also love those wonderful car rides. I have even become somewhat of a celebrity at my human sister’s school. I try my best not to bark too much but sometimes I can help it because I get too excited and I want to share my discovery or alert my family of danger, even voice my opinion on something I just might need or don’t understand. My Human Mom is very good at understanding what I am trying to say. She never beats me or hurts me when I am bad. They love me as I love them and they trust me as I trust them. They are my family.

I am not asking you to be like my human family, all I am asking  is to please stop hurting my fellow friends. They are not to blame for your anger or cruelty you are giving them. They don’t deserve to be mistreated or abused. All they are asking is to be loved, respected and taken care of properly. If you  can not do this anymore, there are places for free that can take them in-no questions asked. I promise you, you will feel much better about yourself.

So please think before you act. Walk away if you must. Animal cruelty is a crime, and you will be punished; it is also morally wrong. I believe it’s better to be known as an animal lover  than an animal hater.


Your Friend,






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Are you serious?

TrumpI have tried my best not to make comment on this man, l really tried…..but this is just way to much to keep my mouth shut.

When Donald Trump announced he was running for president, I laugh. I personally thought he was joking and even the media took him as such. We all felt he was just expressing his constitutional right of “Freedom of Speech” and left it at that.

As the hours, turned into days and months, now we are closer to our election for President of the United States, I really have to say “Are you serious? Eh? Really?”

Trump doesn’t understand what is Foreign Policy ( am not sure if he knows how to spell it). So lets just start with a few things he has says…..

  • Let the Mexican pay for the wall

Okay, that is nice. However; cartel, smugglers do not cross the Rio Grande anymore, they make tunnels. So making the Mexican pay for a wall to stop this action is not going to help.

  • Bring American Companies back from overseas.

That is nice too. However; the republicans themselves were the one that cut the incentive for this companies to stay here and force them to go overseas and acquired cheap labor and huge profits. Something, they may not be too happy to leave behind.

  • Repeal Obamacare

This one he did get me to agree somewhat. However; We should be allowed the american public to decided on their insurance and we should be able not to be penalized for not having insurance we cannot afford. The problem is people not being able to afford medical coverage, why? Because of these large corporation hiking the price of medicine, medical care, abolishing pre-existing conditions and setting deductibles that are outrages. Do not blame the un-insurance for these hikes, blame the insured for wasting and over using the systems.

  • Abortion

You are wrong. Why? Abortion is a very touchy subject like religion. Trump should had never touch this one. Yet, he love to put his foot in his mouth. This should be a choice between the woman and her doctor. There are too many variables into this:

  1. Rape
  2. Incest
  3. Health
  4. Financial

Why bring a child to a world were it can suffer, that is just wrong.

  • Overall Immigration

Recently, Trump made the statement that all Muslim should be deported or just ban from entering the United States, with the exemption of his Wealthy Muslims Friends. Wow! that is really showing diplomacy there.

  • Hatred

For what I can see, all that Mr. Trump is infusing, is just pure hatred inside the United States. This great nation was built by the blood and sweat of immigrants who came to this country for a better life, to be able to practice their believes (religions) without persecution, to be able to prosper, their hope and dreams, overall of a better life for them and their children.

  • Terrorism

Yes, I can understand his point. We are all worried and scared. Our nation was attacked back on 9/11. It was devastating. As a New Yorker, myself I was angry and hurt when those towers when down. A lot of people died that day, and yes! The terrorist need to pay for what they did and continued doing all over the world. We do need to make them understand we are not a nation to recon with, but not by his means. We are a nation of peace and justice and that is why we are so great.


“Please understand, I am not in favor or against Mr. Trump. I wish him the best in his endeavor. If he feels he is the man qualify for the job of the Presidency that is his opinion. My objective is to inform and understand his policies and as an American decided on November 8th, who I place my trust to represent me for the next 4 years. You should do the same. When the smoke clears we need a great man or woman to hold that office with pride and justice for the liberty of the people.” 

What do you think?


Cristina Roskoff-Harris


The Poor American






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Mad As Hell! The Series

New Canvas
This is my “Mad As Hell!” pix my daughter Ana Rui, did for my new segment.

There is a saying, “Bad news comes in three.”….but let me tell you there are times, bad news do escalate to 4 or 5. You just don’t think you will ever get a break…………


You have your last twenty dollars in your pocket, payday is not for another three days or so. You will be okay for the weekend, you have some food, plenty of streaming videos to watch, your car has about a little over a 1/4 tank left. Just don’t answer the door or any calls. Your friends will think you went away for the weekend.

Instead you are home stressing about your financial dilemma you created when you had to be off work without pay for a week, because of that nasty eye infection you caught for keeping your  contacts on 24/7 when you shouldn’t.

Now you owe the hospital on your insurance deductible, had to throw away all your contact and solution, but the worst part is you are stuck using those old glasses you had put away in your junk drawer.

You are happy that you still had twenty dollars left on you, and you  rush to the store, to  get some smokes and some beer. You get your items and feeling very good at this point, when it time to pay for your groceries, you can’t find your money. You check every pocket in your jeans, you do a hard mental recall of all the things and places you have been since you had seen that twenty dollars in your pocket and decided against put in the in your wallet, feeling it was going to be more safe in your front pocket with the last crumble receipt you just threw away 10 minutes ago in the parking lot. Horrify, you quickly, explain to the cashier your situation, getting no petty from her, you dash away to look for your money.

You look long and hard at the ground, thinking a magical arrow will appear and point the way. Everyone in the parking lot look suspicious. You can’t just simply accused or asked anybody if they found your money. You know they will lie. You still look and look, with the sad conclusion your last twenty dollars are gone.

With shame and anger you head home. You didn’t even bother to go back to the store to explain. You are angry, “Mad As Hell”.

You feel you have been violated, cheated, single out and simply outrage with the bad luck you are having. It’s just not fair. You needed that money to past the weekend a little better and not cold turkey.

Maybe its a sign from God! Did you wrong someone? Are you being hex? Nah!

In the end you feel, maybe someone else needed it more….

Like the saying says…”Finders keepers, looser weeper……”


Tell us your mad as hell anecdote or story… to share it here.

Thank you,


Cristina Roskoff-Harris


The Poor American