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Things Happen For A Reason…..


Good Morning, everyone. I hope your weekend was fruitful.

This morning while checking my daughter’s backpack I came across her bible verse for this week.

It got me thinking. I know we all have questioned one time or another, events that have happened close to us, and sometimes not so close.

I believe this verse should get you in the right direction to the answers you seek.

Enjoy your Monday. Remember to think positive. All things happen for a reason.

We may not like the answers we seek, but the truth never lies.




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Do Numbers Really Count….


Do numbers really count for you when you blog? Are you blogging for money, recognition or just because you enjoy spending time writing content on your blog?

Do you have a Twitter or a Facebook Account? Does it bother you when you lose followers or friends in these accounts? Does it make you lose sleep wondering, what you did wrong?

When you started blogging, the main reason was to help others with the knowledge you have. To seek others like yourself and share your information.

For me, it has never been about any type of monetary compensation. It has been about sharing my opinion. Sharing the articles, bringing more awareness to issues that matter most to us.

For the new bloggers out there, welcome to the blogging world. My advice to you, write about what you like. Do not worry how many followers you have or didn’t get today. You are informing a community, you are helping someone out there with your words.

The road to knowledge


You have opened a road, “the road of knowledge”, you are their voice. You are their inspiration. The words you write today will be immortal. Choose them well.

Have fun! Bring irony to the situation, but most of all always bring hope and peace in the article you write. You have taken a very important job. Self-satisfaction will be your reward.



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Open Letter to All Animal Abuser

Maxi and Me


My name is Max, and I am a boxer. This is my owner. She likes to be called “Mama”. When my human family tells me “….go see Mama,” I know I have to go see what she wants. I had other siblings, 11 of them to be exact. I do not know where they are now, but I do know my human family loves me and takes care of me, as I take care of them.

My human family is pretty cool. Actually, they let me lounge on the couch all day long,they give me baths when I am stinky, feed me when I am hungry, give me shelter, they buy me toys so I won’t chew their shoes or the furniture. They take me out for walks so I get exercise and take me to the Vet so that I am always healthy.

I also love those wonderful car rides. I have even become somewhat of a celebrity at my human sister’s school. I try my best not to bark too much but sometimes I can help it because I get too excited and I want to share my discovery or alert my family of danger, even voice my opinion on something I just might need or don’t understand. My Human Mom is very good at understanding what I am trying to say. She never beats me or hurts me when I am bad. They love me as I love them and they trust me as I trust them. They are my family.

I am not asking you to be like my human family, all I am asking  is to please stop hurting my fellow friends. They are not to blame for your anger or cruelty you are giving them. They don’t deserve to be mistreated or abused. All they are asking is to be loved, respected and taken care of properly. If you  can not do this anymore, there are places for free that can take them in-no questions asked. I promise you, you will feel much better about yourself.

So please think before you act. Walk away if you must. Animal cruelty is a crime, and you will be punished; it is also morally wrong. I believe it’s better to be known as an animal lover  than an animal hater.


Your Friend,






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CVS….No Tobacco?

cvs-2013Has CVS Pharmacies made a bold, noble, gesture in deciding not to sell cigarettes?

We all know that cigarettes are bad for you, they kill you and now it has been proven or stated that second-hand smoke is also hazardous to your health. CVS loosing 2 billions dollars a year on tobacco sales is not a problem for them, so they say.

My question is, if you are willing to lose 2 billions dollars in sales on a product, what other product are you planning to introduce that will double and triple those sales you are loosing. Ummmm, it makes me wonder.

CVS wants to stop selling tobacco product that its fine. Many retailers have done it in the past as well, Kmart, Target, and even small Mom and Pop pharmacies have done it too.

I believe this is a good thing. CVS really  did not have any business in selling tobacco products in the first place or liquor for that matter.

That is the reason you had liquor stores and Smoke Shops.

However, we as American love the convenience and the ability to do “one-stop” shopping.

“Lets get our health beauty goods, or prescriptions, make a couple of copies of fluffy’s pictures and get the smokes as well.”

Now, if you still smoke and do not “vape”, you will need to go somewhere else to purchases your cigarettes. If CVS is so concern about the public health,then abolish the liquor, the candy and sell all natural food.

Oh wait, that is what a health store is all about. Now that is something to think about.

CVS might as well take out all their drive-thru too. Hey, we need to excercise more. That is healthy.

What is your opinion…..

Cristina Roskoff-Harris


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