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Turning a negative into a positive

Take A Moment
Take a moment

“Sometimes life throws us a curve here and there and we may feel that we are all alone.

Yet we are not. Always look around you and find something positive from your struggle. Take a moment and look at the positive of the situation. Learn from your mistake and next time make it better. ”




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Life is a Puzzle……..


Hi! Welcome to The Poor American,

This morning I had no clue as to what to write. What was out there to inspired me this morning and pass it on to you. I drew a total blank. Mind you I am full of ideas when I am sitting in my car. But once I get to my office space, “nada”.

This week, I had to too many distractions. Between my families “personal drama and crisis” to being productive.

Then  I saw this picture pop into my screen…………I am inspired.


The events that are going on in the news are too powerful and overwhelming to be put into simple words. Most of the bloggers and media are just giving their opinion or just being one-sided to the news. Trying to determined who is right, or who is going to be the winner.

I strongly believe when someone life is at stake no one should be proclaim a winner.

We all make mistake. We all say things in anger that we do not mean, and we all regret saying them after we think things thru. Violence is not the answered to solve anything, but sometimes, just sometimes a strong action or respond needs to happen to get the message across.

Life is a puzzle. Depending on how many pieces your life have. It can be an easy puzzle or more complex. We all juggle with time and responsibilities and sometime we fail miserably trying to make everyone happy. We are to stress and put too much importance on little things. Life is to short, don’t waste it.

This Pokemon crazed is what it is. Just a crazed. The thing I do not get, its people driving their cars and playing the game. I do not get either, how they can just detached themselves from reality and forget, where they are going.They harm themselves by either crossing the street without looking or entering others people property. Then they blame the game. It just amazes me.

If you are like me, you read spend a good amount of time reading articles and you also read some of the comments, just to see how people are feeling about the issue. Most of the time, the reply and the comments are more colorful and entertaining than the actual article. Let me explain.

I was reading about the Spaniard “Matador” who lost his life doing his job. Performing. It was just the same as when we are out west and we see the rodeos. Okay, we do not kill the bull or cow. But the cowboy can get hurt and sometimes their injuries are fatal.

I was totally shock at the in-humane and the lack of sensitivity a reader had toward the life of the “Matador”. She simply said, she was happy he died, may he rot in hell and even us profanity toward the widow. Calling her name and wishing her death as well.

Just because she is an animal activist and she felt this was animal abuse. I agree, on the animal abuse part. I do not see this as a sport. However, the woman lost her husband. Condolences should had been given (this show good taste and manners) then reamed the sport for its lack of inhumane way of treating animals. This way it would had shown credibility to her opinion and not make her look like a lunatic.

I am probably boring you today with my ranting, so let me just sum it up.

Life is a puzzle. You put the pieces together and form a picture of who, or what you are.

You show your strength, your weakness, your beauty and ugliness thru the pieces you lay before you as your picture who you really are. Think and act wisely before you do. Sometimes does pieces might temporarily fit, but it shouldn’t define you who you are.

Always makes the best of a situation and not the worst. Thinking positive, motivate all of us into being better persons and not classifying us into something we are not.

Think before you speak (in this case-think before you write) words spoken may be forgiven and forgotten, but words you write will never be.

This is just my opinion.


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Five easy way to end writer’s block.

Inspiration, On top of the world

Got the writer’s blog blues, here are five easy way to get focus again.

  1. Stop what you are doing. – That’s right, just stop! Looking at your laptop, Chromebook, Mac or Tablet is not going to help you out. Take a break, walk away, do something else for a while, then try again.
  2. Take a walk or a drive. – Figure it out, where you usually do your best brain storming? Go there and get your energy recharge again. Do not forget to write down your ideas on a simple pad or even yet, record a voice memo.
  3. Communicate – Talking is the best way to get your idea out. Have a conversation with those friends you have been neglecting lately. See what they are up to. You might be inspired, they might have some great ideas to pass along.
  4. Read a book, watch T.V., listen to some music. you might be surprise. – A phrase, something that caught your eye while watching, reading, might stir you back in the right direction.
  5. Sleep – Yes, this is what could be why you are not being creative. Lack of sleep or just simply hungry can make you go “zombie”.

Why not lets throw another one,

You might just need some good old “TLC”.

Just trying to help………

Cristina Roskoff-Harris


The Poor American Blog




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CVS….No Tobacco?

cvs-2013Has CVS Pharmacies made a bold, noble, gesture in deciding not to sell cigarettes?

We all know that cigarettes are bad for you, they kill you and now it has been proven or stated that second-hand smoke is also hazardous to your health. CVS loosing 2 billions dollars a year on tobacco sales is not a problem for them, so they say.

My question is, if you are willing to lose 2 billions dollars in sales on a product, what other product are you planning to introduce that will double and triple those sales you are loosing. Ummmm, it makes me wonder.

CVS wants to stop selling tobacco product that its fine. Many retailers have done it in the past as well, Kmart, Target, and even small Mom and Pop pharmacies have done it too.

I believe this is a good thing. CVS really  did not have any business in selling tobacco products in the first place or liquor for that matter.

That is the reason you had liquor stores and Smoke Shops.

However, we as American love the convenience and the ability to do “one-stop” shopping.

“Lets get our health beauty goods, or prescriptions, make a couple of copies of fluffy’s pictures and get the smokes as well.”

Now, if you still smoke and do not “vape”, you will need to go somewhere else to purchases your cigarettes. If CVS is so concern about the public health,then abolish the liquor, the candy and sell all natural food.

Oh wait, that is what a health store is all about. Now that is something to think about.

CVS might as well take out all their drive-thru too. Hey, we need to excercise more. That is healthy.

What is your opinion…..

Cristina Roskoff-Harris


The Poor American Blog